Reality Check: What do you get for supporting the Premier’s premium bonus?

Money might not be able to buy you happiness but, in Saskatchewan, it just might buy you a direct line to the Premier.

For a decade, Brad Wall has been collecting tens of thousands of dollars in annual bonuses from his party, just for being him. Since his $166,000 Premier’s salary apparently didn’t quite cut it, this year’s golden top-up was a cool $37,000, collected from Sask. Party supporters.

Donations from big money donors – including from outside of Saskatchewan - are filling the Premier’s bank account.

All this talk of these bonus bucks really makes you wonder, how exactly does one make sure your money is going to the Sask. Party’s Leaders’ Bonus Fund?  Is there a secret code or handshake? And, more importantly, what are the rewards?

Does $10,000 toward the bonus get you a ride in the Premier’s latest Cadillac, formerly owned by Country music star Waylon Jennings?

Does $15,000 get you a dinner and a photo?

How much is a round of golf?

How much money does it cost to get the premier to take your side in his next twitter tantrum?

No one is saying that any rules are being broken but if the Premier doesn’t like the questions above, the only ones he and his party have to answer are why won’t they take big money out of Saskatchewan politics, and why does he even need the bonus at all?

After all, when big money is allowed into politics, the questions about buying influence are always sure to follow. 

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