Reality check: Trump supporter who “wouldn’t waiver” is strange choice for Moe’s “new ally”

Last night, Premier Scott Moe didn’t just congratulate Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford on his election win, he said “tonight, Saskatchewan has a new ally.”

But in the wake of Donald Trump’s new tariffs – which have the potential to impact hundreds of steel jobs in Saskatchewan – Moe’s choice in allies raises more questions than answers.

As someone who has previously said that he “absolutely” supports Donald Trump and “wouldn’t waiver,” Moe’s praise of Doug Ford begs the question:

Why would Moe choose an unwavering Trump supporter as his new ally when there’s so much at stake for Saskatchewan workers with Trump’s job-killing steel tariffs?

Instead of trying to shore-up support among right-wing Trump supporters in Ontario, perhaps Premier Moe should focus on creating jobs in Saskatchewan and addressing our province’s dead-last rating for job creation.

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