Reality Check: Dishonest Sask. Party ad using stock footage of Russian oil well

Oops!..They did it again

The latest dishonest Sask. Party attack ad claims to defend Saskatchewan’s oil and potash industry, but they are actually promoting Russian oil and gas.

The ad uses stock footage of a Russian oil well.

This after Sask. Party Director Patrick Bundrock promised last week to “do a better job in the future” vetting clips after trying to pass off a Russian wheat field as Saskatchewan.

Under Scott Moe’s leadership, Saskatchewan’s potash revenues are down $1.6 billion and oil and gas revenues are down $148 million from last year.

Carla Beck and her Saskatchewan NDP team have an all-of-the-above approach to energy and resources, contrary to the Sask. Party’s lies.

Beck also believes that we should be promoting energy and job creators in Saskatchewan, not Putin’s Russia.

After 17 years in power, the Sask. Party government is tired, out of touch and out of ideas.

It’s time for a change.


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