Provincial Auditor’s Report shows Sask. Party government failing patient safety, education for Saskatchewan families

REGINA - The Provincial Auditor’s Report highlights significant failings by the Sask. Party government in both patient safety in our health care system and early learning.

In regards to patient safety, the Provincial Auditor found:

  • The overall number and types of critical incidents reported in Saskatchewan are not trending downwards
  • The Ministry does not monitor whether the Saskatchewan Health Authority sufficiently addressed causes of reported critical incidents, and improved patient safety
  • 68 percent of planned corrective actions included in the critical incident reports were reported as not implemented

“We’ve heard so many stories of people's critical incidents falling through the cracks under this Sask. Party government’s management. It’s incredibly concerning to hear that critical incidents aren’t being reported properly, aren’t going down, and aren’t being followed up on,” said NDP Health Critic Vicki Mowat. “When something goes terribly wrong for patients in our healthcare system, it needs to be documented and fixed so that it doesn’t happen again. For the sake of Saskatcheawn families, the Sask. Party needs to implement all the auditor’s recommendations and make sure that when we have critical incidents in our healthcare system, they’re tracked and fixed.”

In regards to early years education, the Provincial Auditor found:

  • The Early Learning Intensive Support Program requires improvements to determine whether the program sufficiently supports preschool aged children experiencing disabilities.
  • The Ministries' inconsistent, infrequent assessments of Kindergarten students is hindering teachers’ and divisions’ ability to ensure these children are ready to learn in primary years. 

“Years of cuts to public education by this Sask. Party government have had a significant impact on early learning,” said NDP Education Critic Carla Beck. “The auditor’s report shows that too many preschoolers aren’t prepared for Kindergarten, and one-in-five Kindergarteners aren’t ready for Grade 1. The Auditor is clear: the Sask. Party isn’t giving educators the resources they need. We have the opportunity to receive $1 Billion from the federal government to support early learners. It’s crucial that this government sign a deal that works for Saskatchewan families.”

Overall, the Provincial Auditor’s report shows a Sask. Party government that is not keeping track of the outcomes of the programs it is funding. “This is a government that appears to have no interest in governing - and that has a real effect on the lives of Saskatchewan people,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “It should concern every Saskatchewan family that their government is turning a blind eye to the critical work that must be done to improve the services that we all count on, like health care and education. If you don’t measure outcomes, you’re just throwing money at a problem and hoping it fixes itself. Saskatchewan deserves better.”


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