New internal documents show Sask. Party actively blocked Crown corporation from enacting masking protections

REGINA - Today, the Official Opposition shared internal SGI documents showing that in August, in line with recommendations being made by medical professionals publicly, the Crown corporation attempted to put in masking requirements to better protect staff in light of a lack of public health order. Government officials with the Crown Investment Corporation quickly stepped in to stop the action from being implemented for August 30th.

“This is now documented proof that this Sask. Party government actively fought internally against the science, putting their own political interests above the health and safety of the people of this province,” said Ryan Meili, Leader of the Official Opposition. “Instead of medical health professionals dictating health policy, it was the Premier’s comments to media which were halting appropriate health precautions in our public sector.”

At the time of these discussions, the Sask. Party government had been presented modelling that showed that the introduction of masking mandates could reduce COVID hospitalizations by 50%. COVID cases were beginning to surge towards the end of August, with many in the medical community pleading with the Premier to take action. The letter clearly states a desire by senior SGI leadership to put the safety of its employees as a top priority. Citing “the strong science to support that masking protects people from exposure to aerosols that transmit COVID-19” and the “rising case counts in Saskatchewan and across Canada”, SGI was looking to mandate masking for all employees effective August 30th. However, once CIC employees became aware of these plans, CIC officials demanded an immediate halt to the policy citing the Premier’s public comments on his intent to not reinstitute masking or other public health restrictions in the public sector.

“This was the failed leadership that led to our deadly fourth wave. The failed leadership that has since led to thousands of cancelled surgeries for Saskatchewan patients in desperate need,” said Meili. “The people of Saskatchewan have been doing their part and they deserve a government that shows some leadership and does theirs.” 


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