NDP table bill calling for paid leave for survivors of domestic violence

The NDP is continuing its fight to get survivors of domestic violence paid leave by introducing Bill No. 614 — The Saskatchewan Employment (Support for Survivors of Domestic Violence) Amendment Act, 2018.

“We have taken some positive steps to address the fact that Saskatchewan has some of the worst rates of domestic violence in the country, but there is still a lot more work to do,” said NDP Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer. “This bill is something that advocates have been calling for. We’ve seen other jurisdictions move towards having paid leave, and we’re hoping the government will do the right thing and finally pass this legislation.”

The bill allows for five days of paid leave in a year for survivors of domestic violence. Sarauer has introduced several bills to implement paid leave for survivors in the Legislature, but has not met with support from the Sask. Party government.

The federal government as well as other provinces in Canada are already moving towards allowing victims of domestic violence paid days off.

“This bill is about helping survivors who are in a dire situation,” Sarauer said. “It can afford so many women the chance they need to change and improve their lives.”

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