Today at the Legislature, the NDP was joined by Brenden Owens and Nolan Dezotell of Prairie Sun Solar to push the Sask. Party to change course on its decision to kill the solar energy industry in Saskatchewan.

“The solar industry was booming in this province – people wanted to take part, jobs were being created, and it was helping reduce emissions,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “It was short-sighted and destructive for this government to pull the plug on this successful industry.”

Owens and Dezotell wanted to question the government on why the Sask. Party has claimed that Saskatchewan has “the shortest payback period in all of Canada,” when, based on their analysis of per-kilowatt-hour and credit rates, Saskatchewan's program is the third worst in the country. They are part of the 800 workers in the solar energy sector that say the Sask. Party’s decisions will kill their industry.

“The changes made to the net metering program devastated the solar energy industry in Saskatchewan,” said Owens, a co-owner of Prairie Sun Solar. “I’m a small business owner, and now I may need to move my young family to a province that respects business and the environment.”

“We need a program that works for the solar energy companies in Saskatchewan, and a program that keeps people working in Saskatchewan,” Meili said. “That starts with a government that believes in using clean energy to create jobs, lower utility bills and build a strong future.”

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