NDP scores victory in their fight to protect Crown corporations

After years of providing staunch opposition to Bill 40, which gave the Sask. Party back door access to privatizing Crown corporations, the NDP has successfully forced the repeal of said Bill.

“The people of Saskatchewan have been crystal clear that they don’t want to see the Sask. Party sell off any of their Crown corporations. Why it took the Sask. Party years to listen is beyond me and it shows that the Sask. Party can’t be trusted with our Crowns,” said NDP Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer.

In 2016, the Sask. Party promised they would not sell off any of the Crown corporations, but they swiftly passed Bill 40 despite opposition from the NDP and the people of Saskatchewan. Not long after, they sold off the STC, leaving people and businesses throughout Saskatchewan stranded.

Up until today, the Sask. Party has been adamant that they will not change or repeal the Bill. But alongside many across the province, the Official Opposition continued to push the Sask. Party, and today, they finally accepted an amendment proposed by the opposition that would finally repeal Bill 40.

“This is a win for the people of the province, who will remain the rightful owners of our Crown corporations,” said Sarauer. “But the Sask. Party themselves said that they needed this Bill to sell off STC, and with their past actions, even with this significant stride, it’s hard to trust that the Sask. Party with our Crowns.”

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