NDP: Sask. Party PST hike and expansion grabs an extra 1.2 billion from families in 2022

Sask. Party piles on more taxes adding to the biggest tax hike in Saskatchewan’s history 

REGINA - In light of the Minister of Finance’s budget announcement that provincial sales tax categories will be expanded to further tax a suite of activities including fitness, sporting and cultural events, Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon called on the government to scrap the proposed PST expansion and give families a break amid the affordability crisis.

“No one in Saskatchewan voted for tax hikes and a move towards Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) akin to what exists in Eastern Canada,” Wotherspoon said. “Saskatchewan families should not be forced to shoulder another round of tax hikes added to the largest ever tax grab in Saskatchewan's history at a time they desperately need some relief.” 

This fiscal year, the government will be taking in $1.179B more in PST from consumers than in 2017 as a result of the Sask. Party’s damaging and historic PST tax hikes. The PST expansion in 2022-23 follows the PST hike and base expansion to restaurant meals, snack meals, children’s clothing, insurance and construction in 2017-18 and the elimination of the PST exemption on used vehicles in 2018-19. This budget adds $21M with the PST expansion to the industries hit hard by the pandemic, including the fitness, entertainment, arts, music, cultural,  and sporting industries – even Rider games. 

The Official Opposition calls on the government to scrap its latest tax grab and put a plan in place addressing the rising cost of living.


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