As major problems with the Sask. Party’s net metering program become apparent, the NDP is calling for a more robust program to fill the gaps. 

“We have the best solar exposure and a government with new ideas could put that to good use, but the Sask. Party is out of ideas and letting people down,” Meili said. “Imagine how much a government committed to ensuring Saskatchewan is a leader in renewable energy could accomplish.”

Meili noted that businesses, investors, homeowners, and producers will all be hurt by the failure of the Sask. Party to anticipate public interest in this program, and that this cancellation sends all the wrong signals for a rapidly growing industry.

“It’s important to send the right message to investors, business owners and people interested in entering into renewable energy programs because of the potential money they save and the jobs they create,” Meili said. “The message being sent by the Sask. Party here is that they don’t take this program, the renewable industry, the investments made by the over 200 participants, or the threat of climate change seriously.”

Meili and the NDP’s plan, Renew Saskatchewan, would ensure homeowners, producers and businesses see the full benefit of using renewable energy sources. The plan would provide assessments and financing options for clean energy installations or retrofits for homes, farms, businesses, industry, municipalities and reserves. Funds would be paid back over time from the customer’s power or energy bills based on the value of the power generated or fossil fuel energy saved by the installation.

“The fact that so many people subscribed to the program shows there is an appetite for using renewables for power generation in Saskatchewan,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “But what we’re seeing is that the Sask. Party’s plan was nowhere near ambitious or well thought out enough to take full advantage of Saskatchewan people’s desire to be a part of the transition to a clean energy future.”

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