NDP push for transparency while Sask. Party try to hide information on Crown sell-off from the public

The Sask. Party government is refusing to be transparent about their plans to sell off SaskTel, by ignoring rulings from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner ordering the release of more information on the potential sale.

“The government continues to let people down by scheming to sell off our Crowns,” said NDP SaskTel critic Warren McCall. “It’s clear that the Sask. Party’s plans to sell off SaskTel were much more developed than they led the Saskatchewan public to believe and it’s time for them to stop hiding the truth about this.”

The government is refusing to release documents that the Privacy Commissioner has directed to be released.

“The Sask. Party obviously prefers keeping their sell-off agenda hidden from the people of this province,” McCall said. “If they had nothing to hide, they would release all the documents requested.”

McCall has written a letter to the Chair of the Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies, saying at the next meeting – scheduled for September 17 – that he will be raising the following motion:

That, given the new information revealed in the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner’s Review Report 119-2018, the Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies invite the Minister for SaskTel, the Minister for Crown Investments Corporation, the current CEO of SaskTel, the former CEO of SaskTel, and the current CEO of Crown Investments Corporation to testify on the activities of the Cabinet Committee on Crown Structure, and that the Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies invite any further witnesses as required by the testimony of the Ministers and officials.

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