“Today I am calling on the Premier to recall the Legislative Assembly in order to introduce legislation that would end the lockout at the Co-op Refinery and impose a fair and neutral binding arbitration process upon Federated Co-op and Unifor Local 594. If the Premier is willing to introduce fair and balanced legislation, New Democrats would work to pass this legislation in one day.

“This dispute needs to end, and it has become clear that a resolution will not be found at the bargaining table or through mediation. This lockout has taken a huge toll on our economy and on people in our province.

“The Premier has let Saskatchewan down. His lack of leadership had led our province to this impasse. The Premier could have appointed a special mediator weeks ago, as we called on him to do, but he failed to do so. His latest offer, coming as the dispute has escalated, is too little, too late and will not lead to resolution. The Sask. Party‘s failure to show any leadership or initiative has brought us to a crisis point where definitive measures are needed to end this dispute.”

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