NDP Health Critic Vicki Mowat’s response to news that the Saskatchewan Hospital P3 already needs a new roof

“We are deeply disappointed and concerned that we are once again seeing building flaws at the P3 Saskatchewan Hospital in North Battleford. We certainly hope the impact to staff, patients and their families is minimal.

“The fact of the matter is that the Sask. Party tied Saskatchewan people into this risky and costly P3 contract with an out of province conglomerate and the process has come with a fair share of delays.

“With these latest delays it’s concerning the Minister can not provide certainty around timelines for repairs or what the impact on patient care will be.

“We’re locked into a 30-year contract where Saskatchewan people must shell out millions per year on maintenance alone. With that in mind as well as all these costly delays, it’s clear the Sask. Party didn’t put people first when building this project.”

Among the concerns and delays Mowat referenced are:

October 2017: Faulty insulation problem at new Saskatchewan Hospital in North Battleford

January 2018: U.K. builder involved in Saskatchewan Hospital project in North Battleford to be liquidated

March 2018: North Battleford hospital delay costs P3 vendor more than $1.25M in penalties

January 2019: SNC Lavalin to be Saskatchewan Hospital Facility Manager

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