NDP: Family’s struggle to access care for infant illustrates a system in crisis

REGINA - Today, Leader of the Official Opposition Ryan Meili raised the case of baby Helen, an 11-month old who has lost access to vital therapies, an opportunity to receive surgery, and diagnostic testing to confirm the nature of her illness as a result of Scott Moe’s health system lockdown.

“No child should have to pay the price for Scott Moe’s failures to control the fourth wave,” said Meili. “Scott Moe keeps talking about the difficult choices his government is making around who gets care and who doesn’t, but what he needs to recognize is that his choice to ignore the fourth wave is why we’re in this tragic and avoidable situation in the first place.”

Today, Graham Dickson and Laura Weins brought 11-month-old Helen to the Legislative Assembly to seek answers on when Helen and so many other kids going without can expect their care to resume. They also joined the opposition in calling for a comprehensive plan to clear the surgical and diagnostic backlogs that have left many people across the province suffering and without any clarity on when they can expect the care they need. 

“To claim we can’t have more restrictions in place because that would be a punishment to those that are vaccinated is a false choice,” said Graham Dickson. “The people who are suffering and being punished right now are the most vulnerable, like my daughter. Kids like Helen are paying the price for a Scott Moe summer.”

“Saskatchewan is the birthplace of Medicare. It is nothing short of shameful that a Saskatchewan child, a baby like Helen, has been stonewalled outside a health system she so desperately needs,” said Meili. “This is an emergency -- Scott Moe needs to get the specialists caring for kids back to their jobs immediately. There could be lifelong costs for kids if they don’t.”


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