NDP continue to push Sask. Party to provide supports for survivors of domestic violence

For the fourth time, NDP Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer is introducing a bill in an effort to provide supports to survivors of domestic violence and address Saskatchewan’s high rates which remain some of the worst in Canada.

“It’s disappointing that it has taken so many tries to get the Sask. Party to recognize the desperate need for change,” Sarauer said. “Too many throughout the province are suffering or in dangerous situations, and we can’t afford to not do everything we can to provide the proper supports to these individuals.”

Sarauer’s Bill No. 609—The Saskatchewan Employment (Support for Survivors of Domestic Violence) Amendment Act, 2018 will ensure that survivors of domestic violence have the right to five days of paid leave, up 17 weeks of unpaid leave if needed, and ensure that survivors living with PTSD are supported.

In previous bills, Sarauer has pushed the Sask. Party to implement 10 days of unpaid leave from work for survivors of domestic violence, and change regulations to allow for survivors to get out of rental agreements without penalty. However, the Sask. Party has continually refused to implement all of the supports recommended.

“This is an important issue and we can’t afford to have the Sask. Party delay taking action – not when we have the dubious distinction of having some of the worst rates of domestic violence,” Sarauer said. “It shouldn’t take four tries to get these supports put in place by the Sask. Party.”

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