Today, NDP Health critic Vicki Mowat raised the alarm about data showing that Saskatchewan has amongst the fewest doctors per capita in the country.

“We have been telling this government day after day that health care in the province is letting people down, and this data helps tell the story of why our ERs are overcrowded and short staffed,” said NDP Health Critic Vicki Mowat. “Hallway medicine and long wait times are all symptoms of major challenges in our health care system.”

Mowat pointed to 2019 Canadian Institute for Health Information data showing that Saskatchewan has the second-lowest number of doctors per capita of all provinces. It also shows that Saskatchewan added fewer doctors to the system in the last four years than other Western provinces. 

In addition, a survey conducted by the Saskatchewan Medical Association shows that 62% of Saskatchewan doctors said they are at risk of burning out

“It’s no wonder the reported level of burnout among Saskatchewan doctors is more than double what is reported nationally,” Mowat said. “The solution is to properly plan to recruit and retain more doctors, so people are able to access appropriate care when they need it.”

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