As more and more families from northeast Saskatchewan are left with no choice but to travel to Saskatoon and Prince Albert for obstetrics services after the shutdown at the Flin Flon General Hospital, local residents impacted by long stays away from their community are calling on the government to act. Today, NDP leader Ryan Meili and Health Critic Vicki Mowat were joined by Kirsten Fritsch, a member of the We Want Birth Committee, to call on the government to stop letting down the people of Flin Flon and area.

“How is it fair or right for the Sask. Party to expect pregnant women to travel hours away from their home to give birth?” Meili said. “As more families are forced to travel to our major centres for basic services, it puts more strain on an already overburdened healthcare system. The Sask. Party’s unwillingness to work with the Manitoba government to find a solution here is letting more and more people down.”

The NDP first raised concerns about the issue a year ago, asking the government to take action. A year has passed, and nothing has been done.

“Expectant families from the area are rightfully stressed about having to drive several hours with no cell service to seek care,” Fritsch said. “What if there is an emergency? This has to be about the safety of these women, and the government needs to step up and act.”

“As usual, Scott Moe would rather point fingers than work to address issues that are within his power to address,” Mowat said. “Waiting another year won’t help. This government needs to find a solution now.”

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