John Brazill, Donna Nelson and Shanon Zachidniak of the Wascana Solar Co-operative joined the NDP at the Legislature today to speak to the damage the Sask. Party has done to the solar energy industry in the province and to call for the reversal of changes to the net-metering program.

“The Sask. Party didn’t just damage this important industry in our province, they devastated it,” said NDP Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon. “The Sask. Party has done nothing but let people down and we’re seeing the destructive effects their changes are having on Saskatchewan businesses and jobs every day.”

According to the Distributed Energy Association, since the Sask. Party upended the net-metering program, there has been a 99% decrease in committed projects and an 84% drop in request for quotes. Additionally, 75 people have been let go from work in the once-growing industry.

“Saskatchewan is a perfect spot to foster growth in the solar industry because of the amount of sunlight it gets, and we’ve seen the interest from the people of the province,” said Brazill, the director of large-scale projects for Wascana Solar Co-operative. “The suspension of the net-metering program is only hurting business and causing job loss in Saskatchewan.

“We are losing jobs, losing investment, and people are losing out on an opportunity to reduce our emissions because this government has turned its back on the solar industry,” Wotherspoon said.

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