According to information obtained by the NDP through Freedom of Information, schools at 80% of Saskatchewan school divisions are in "poor" condition or worse, with Regina Catholic School Board facilities listed as "critical." 

“Our kids are struggling to learn in overcrowded classrooms with less support because the Sask. Party has failed to fund enrolment growth to the tune of $80 million,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “Today we're seeing that our schools aren't just overcrowded, they're crumbling, and the Sask. Party is letting Saskatchewan students down by failing to keep up with its infrastructure responsibilities.”

Before releasing the report to the NDP, the government redacted the value of required maintenance, claiming it could “disclose a confidence of the Executive Council.” The NDP has asked the Information Commissioner to review the decision to withhold that information.

In Question Period, Meili called on the government to start publicly reporting on the condition of Saskatchewan schools.

“In 2015, the cost of deferred maintenance in our kids' schools was $1.5 billion,” said Meili. “Because of this government's neglect, we know that this cost has gone up, but the Sask. Party won't say by how much. We think Saskatchewan people deserve answers as to why our schools have been allowed to crumble and how much it will cost to repair them.”

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