More families being hurt by the Sask. Party’s lack of long-term care facility funding

The Sask. Party’s lack of funding and mismanagement in long-term care is having a negative trickle down affect that is causing more and more issues for Saskatchewan families.

The lack of proper care and funding led to nearly 100 seniors being forced to move from Pioneer Village Long-term Care facility. This week, families utilizing the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre’s hostel have been told the displaced seniors need the space and have been given less than two weeks’ notice that they will no longer have a place to stay.

“The Sask. Party has known about the infrastructure issues for years, but did little to address the issue, and now Saskatchewan families who need rehabilitation services are paying the price,” said NDP Deputy Leader Carla Beck.  

Albert Konowalchuk has been bringing his son Edward Irvine from Togo, Saskatchewan to Wascana Rehabilitation Centre for 13 years for therapies related to his acquired brain injury. Until he received notice this week, they have been staying in Wascana’s hostel weekly, while Edward accesses care.

Now, Albert and Edward, along with the remaining patients using the hostel will no longer have a place to stay, as the Saskatchewan Health Authority scrambles to find space for displaced Pioneer Village residents. Albert said this was a valuable resource for rural residents to access care not available in their communities. 

“The Saskatchewan Health Authority’s annual report released last month shows the value of needed repairs in our health facilities has ballooned from $2.2 billion in 2014 to $3.3 billion in just two years,” Beck said. “The Sask. Party doesn’t have a plan to deal with the health infrastructure backlog created by their lack of proper funding, and it’s Pioneer Village residents and families using Wascana Rehabilitation Centre’s hostel who are being forced to pay the price.”

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