Moe’s favoured anti-harassment policy can’t investigate lies, guns or alleged harassment from senior staffer

REGINA – Today, Official Opposition Deputy Leader Vicki Mowat responded to the Sask. Party's letter to Speaker Randy Weekes. 

The Moe government favours a highly limited investigation through the Legislature's anti-harassment policy, which would not have the scope to investigate all of the May 16 allegations of harassment, guns and bullying or the Moe government's subsequent coverup and lies. 

Here’s Mowat’s full letter:


June 11, 2024


The Honourable Randy Weekes

Chair of the Standing Committee on House Services

Room 129 Legislative Building



Dear Mr. Speaker,


Thank you for forwarding the Deputy Government House Leader’s recent letter regarding the Official Opposition’s request for a meeting of the House Services Committee. 

While we understand that the Legislative Assembly has an official anti-harassment policy, the scope of  that policy does not adequately address many of the concerns arising from the comments you shared on the last day of the spring sitting, including:

  • The allegation that Mr. Harrison brought a long gun into the Legislative Building and sought permission to carry a handgun in the Legislative Building,
  • The changing stories from the Premier and Mr. Harrison regarding the day Mr. Harrison brought a long gun into the Legislative Building, and when they were made aware; and
  • An alleged incident of staff-on-member harassment.

Though we acknowledge the policy is designed to be fair and impartial regarding member-on-member harassment, this policy on its own is ill-suited to getting answers to the questions many Saskatchewan people still have. 

As outlined in my letter to you on June 6, 2024, the House Services Committee has the necessary scope and authority to find answers to these serious allegations, and we strongly encourage you, as Chair, to convene a meeting as soon as possible.

Thank you for your consideration of this very serious matter.




Vicki Mowat, M.L.A.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Cc: Members of the Standing Committee on House Service


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