Meili: This is the absolute worst time to be cutting education funding for our kids

SASKATOON – Today, Leader of the NDP Official Opposition Ryan Meili lambasted Premier Scott Moe and the Sask. Party government for breaking their campaign promise and cutting funding to our children’s classrooms. School boards across Saskatchewan find themselves with budget shortfalls and are being forced to cut due to this government’s economic mismanagement.

“We’ve been hearing since the beginning of the pandemic from teachers and support staff - students are falling behind. Teachers & school boards have been asking for a multi-year funding strategy coming out of the pandemic. Instead, the Premier cut education funding, at the worst possible time,” said Meili. “That this government sees fit to break their campaign promise and to make further cuts to already overcrowded classrooms, is shocking. At the end of the day, this Premier lied to parents.” 

Despite the Sask. Party’s campaign promise not to cut education funding, school boards across the province have been forced by this government to cut teachers and support staff from classrooms. 

  • Regina Public
    • $3,500,000 shortfall in provincial funding
  • Regina Catholic
    • $1,400,000 shortfall in provincial funding, after slashing student transportation budget by nearly $1,000,000
  • South East Cornerstone
    • $4,600,000 shortfall in provincial funding
  • Saskatchewan Rivers
    • $2,000,000 shortfall in provincial funding, resulting in 28 fewer classroom full-time jobs 
  • Saskatoon Public
    • $8,000,000 shortfall in provincial funding, resulting in 10% division-wide cuts and 67 fewer full time jobs

“I’m hearing frequently from school boards, teachers and parents. Classrooms were already underfunded pre-pandemic due to this government. Teachers were dealing with overcrowded classrooms and lack of supports before COVID-19,” said Meili. “Now, people are worried about what these cuts will look like in September. This government can’t keep using our kids to cut their way out of the multi-year deficits they’ve caused.”

Meili will be joining Saskatoon parents, teachers and support staff tonight, speaking out against the Sask. Party cuts to our children’s classrooms. The rally begins at 4:45pm at the Saskatoon Public Schools Board Office at 310 21 Street East, Saskatoon. 


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