Meili calls on Moe to heed call from doctors, nurses and families, calls on him to tour Regina ICU together

REGINA - The calls for Premier Moe to see first-hand what is happening in Regina’s ICUs in growing as Saskatchewan hit another record over the weekend for ICU admissions.

“Doctors and public health officials are telling us that we are at a critical point in the fight to save our healthcare system from being overwhelmed,” said Ryan Meili, Leader of the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party Opposition. “The Premier needs to understand what that means, first-hand.”

Over the weekend public calls on the Premier to gain this first-hand perspective were made by: 

“The people who are calling on the Premier to tour the ICU are doing so from a sincere desire to see this Premier show some leadership,” said Meili. “These invitations are from the frontline workers and families. I’m ready to go and see what’s happening in our ICUs. Will he join me and accept that call?”


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