Judicial inquiry into GTH needed as annual report shows no sales and rising debt

The NDP Opposition is calling for a judicial inquiry into questionable land deals at the Global Transportation Hub, after the quiet release of its annual report shows another year of rising debt, a deficit of nearly $4 million, and no land sales.

“This year’s annual report sums up the failures of the Sask. Party to properly manage the GTH,” said GTH Critic Cathy Sproule. “Sask. Party insiders made millions off land deals, $2 billion was blown on a bypass that serves one customer at the GTH, and now the people of the province are on the hook for this expensive failure.”

According to the report, the GTH budgeted for $7.7 million worth of land sales and sold none. Debt increased from $40 million to nearly $45 million and the GTH’s outstanding loan from RBC increased from $28 million to $32 million. The GTH also has a $1.2 million contractual obligation with a landscaping company.

“The government is now trying to say public debate around the GTH is the reason for its downfall, when in reality, the government has fought tooth and nail to shut down debate and any effort to seek accountability when it comes to the sketchy land deals and mismanagement of the project,” Sproule said. “The only thing that will clear the air at this point is a judicial inquiry.”

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