Government procurement leaving Saskatchewan workers by the side of the road, NDP calls for changes

Three quarters of the biggest infrastructure projects awarded under the Sask. Party went to out-of-province and out-of-country companies, and New Democratic Party Leader Ryan Meili is calling for changes to keep those jobs and that money here in Saskatchewan.

“When it comes to making the most out of investments in public infrastructure, the Sask. Party is shutting out Saskatchewan businesses, leaving Saskatchewan workers by the side of the road, and sending public dollars out of province and out of country that could be circulating locally,” said Meili. “These projects represent an investment of over $4 billion in other people’s economies when they could be fueling ours. Saskatchewan people and businesses should be the first to benefit from investment in our roads, schools and hospitals.”

Meili called for changes to the province’s procurement policies that would see this money staying in Saskatchewan. The projects listed include the Regina Bypass, Boundary Dam 3 Carbon Capture and the Chinook Power Station in Swift Current.

“Other provinces have taken steps to ensure local companies benefit from major public projects, but the Sask. Party government is leaving our workers behind,” Meili said. “Our construction industry built Saskatchewan, and now they’re being bypassed in favour of big companies based elsewhere.”

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