Duncan’s private Benz limo in Paris costs as much as 16 other trips combined

Premier Moe and Minister Duncan refuse to apologize for chauffeured Benz in Paris

REGINA - Newly released costing documents for the Sask. Party Cabinet’s out-of-province travel reveal that Moe and his ministers made 17 different out-of-province trips in the last six months. Dustin Duncan spent as much on a chauffeured Mercedes limo in Paris as ground transportation costs for the other 16 trips combined. 

“Families are struggling to make ends meet and this Sask. Party government is so out of touch that they’re billing taxpayers for private Mercedes tours through Paris. They’re treating taxpayer dollars like their own piggy bank,” said Jobs and Economy Critic Aleana Young. “It’s clear that this government is just in it for themselves. Saskatchewan people deserve better, and this October they’ll have the opportunity to vote for real change.”

On November 26, Minister Duncan and his staff flew to Paris to represent Saskatchewan at the World Nuclear Exhibition. In March, an FOI request revealed that Duncan had procured a $3,500 private Mercedes chauffeur service for his time in France. 

Duncan’s official itinerary showed that he was supposed to be touring the conventions on November 29, but the limo logs revealed that he was actually an hour away from the convention centre, sightseeing at some of Paris’s most well-known attractions, including Napoleon’s tomb and the Arc de Triomphe. 

When asked about it in Question Period, not only did the Premier or Minister Duncan refuse to apologize, but the Sask. Party caucus gave the Minister a standing ovation.

Here’s what Moe and his Ministers spent on out-of-province ground transportation in the last six months

Oct. 1, 2023 - Mar. 31, 2024


Ground Transportation Costs

Halifax, NS

Premier Moe


Toronto, ON

Premier Moe

+ Minister Harrison


Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Premier Moe


New Delhi, India

Premier Moe


Montreal, QC

Premier Moe


Great Falls, Montana

Minister Marit


Bromont, QC

Minister Merriman


Paris, France

Minister Duncan


Ottawa, ON

Minister Duncan


Toronto, ON

Minister Reiter


Toronto, ON

Minister Harpauer


Charlottetown, PEI

Minister McLeod


Vancouver, BC

Minister Carr


Montreal, QC

Minister Carr


Toronto, ON

Minister Harrison


Winnipeg, MB

Minister Harrison


Manilla and Singapore

Minister Harrison



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