“It has been two days since the Minister of Education delivered the worst Return-to-School Plan in Canada. They’ve downloaded responsibility onto school divisions with no funding – and crucially no funding to reduce class sizes.

“Maybe that’s why instead of holding a briefing today (August 6, 2020) – contrary to past practice during the Covid-19 pandemic – the Sask. Party has instead put out a release with no press availability, no minister quoted and no accountability.

“Their press release does nothing to respond to the concern by CUPE Sask. that this government’s plan is “placing the burden on front-line staff without extra resources, without adequate preparation time, and without the additional cleaning staff necessary to keep students safe”.

“This government has failed to fund schools properly for years – and now with our kids returning to class we are flying blind with a government that will not step up to put Saskatchewan families first.

“The Sask. Party is letting people down. Parents and teachers – and our kids - deserve better than the Sask. Party’s arrogant and dismissive approach. They need to step up and provide answers.”

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