Another day, another lie: Video shows Sask. Party shipping tires to California company in Alberta

REGINA – Today, Opposition Leader Carla Beck condemned Scott Moe’s government for lying to the public after news reports confirmed Saskatchewan tires are being shipped to Alberta, despite denials from Environment Minister Christine Tell.

“We should be putting local Saskatchewan businesses and workers first, not bankrolling American-based companies operating in Alberta. It’s common sense,” said Beck. “Premier Moe and his minister need to be straight with the people of Saskatchewan. It’s time for a change.”

Shercom Industries used to turn old scrap tires into value-added products here at home, until a Sask. Party government agency gave the local Saskatchewan company’s contract to California-based CRM. 

The move resulted in over 60 layoffs and doubts about whether tires are even being recycled and processed in Saskatchewan anymore.

Reporters at allSaskatchewan recently obtained video and photos purportedly showing a truckload of tires being shipped from CRM’s Moose Jaw facility to a shredding plant north of Calgary, delivering no benefit for Saskatchewan’s economy or the environment.

When asked by reporters on April 25 if tires were being shipped out of province, Environment Minister Christine Tell said “no”.

Tell doubled down on April 30 when reporters asked: “At any point, were or are the tires going out of the province for processing and coming back here?”

“No, the tires are not leaving the province,” Moe’s minister said.

The provincial government’s industry guidelines state that tire recycling should bring the most benefit possible to Saskatchewan people and businesses.


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