Mold in wards and staff layoffs at the Pioneer Village senior complex in Regina are two of the latest issues brought on by inaction by the Sask. Party, leaving the NDP calling for answers.

“People are being let down by the Sask. Party government – whether it’s the staff at Pioneer Village or the patients and their families,” said NDP Deputy Leader Nicole Sarauer. “It’s frustrating that it’s gotten to this point and we still haven’t seen a plan from the government to invest in long-term care here in Regina.”

Yesterday the NDP obtained a memo sent out to staff at Pioneer Village saying that wards in the facility continue to be closed each week because of mold. It also mentions that seniors continue to be shuffled around and may be moved out of the community. To date 142 beds have been closed.

It was also reported yesterday that hundreds of employees at Pioneer Village are losing their positions.

“The Sask. Party government’s own report showed that as early as 2014, the facility was in critical condition and needed $60 million in repairs,” said Sarauer. “By not taking action to prevent things from getting this bad, the Sask. Party government is letting the people of this community down.”

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