‘Blocked more witnesses than Justin Trudeau’: NDP MLAs challenge government to allow judicial inquiry into GTH land scandal

Today, MLAs will be voting on a motion put forward by the NDP that calls for the launch of a judicial inquiry into the GTH land scandal.

“The GTH is $40 million in debt and has only sold 22 acres of land since 2013,” said NDP GTH Critic Cathy Sproule. “The only way to dig out of this mess and begin to recoup the public losses would be to lift the cloud of scandal that hangs over this project by finally calling the judicial inquiry that two Sask. Party leadership candidates once promised. The people of the province deserve to know where their money went, and why the only beneficiaries in this ordeal have been large Sask. Party donors.”

In their leadership bids, Advanced Education Minister Tina Beaudry-Mellor and Deputy Leader Gord Wyant  both called for an inquiry into the GTH land scandal. The Premier also noted that they need to ensure “there’s transparency around this.”

“We have been calling for an inquiry because the key players in this scandal haven’t been placed before public committee for questioning,” Sproule said. “To this point, the Sask. Party has blocked more witnesses from testifying openly into the scandal than Justin Trudeau. For the sake of transparency, we hope the Sask. Party stand with us and vote in favour of this inquiry.”  

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