Medical Centre used for Lean training loses accreditation

Since the Sask. Party first signed a contract with John Black and Associates and handed over millions upon millions of Saskatchewan taxpayers’ dollars, the pet project has been deemed to be a failure. Now the Virginia Mason Medical Centre – the centre the Sask. Party has touted as the model for Lean – has been given a failing grade and denied accreditation. 

Moose Jaw Sask. Party MLAs vote to cut Wakamow Valley Park funding

Today, Warren Michelson and Greg Lawrence stood in their place, voted with the Sask. Party and against the people of Moose Jaw. Despite local support and the many benefits of Wakamow Valley Park, the city’s two representatives voted to cut its funding.  

NDP observes National Aboriginal Day by shining light on issues

Today, on the 20th National Aboriginal Day, the NDP continued to stand up and call for true progress on the path to reconciliation by having each member of the caucus raise a specific Indigenous issue in Question Period. 

More than talk needed to address high rate of domestic violence

Noting that Saskatchewan continues to have the highest rate of domestic violence among the provinces, the NDP used the Official Opposition’s first opportunity to focus the debate in the House to draw attention to and seek solutions for the tragic reality. 

Overcapacity in Saskatchewan hospitals continues to be a problem

While rural hospital services are being cut, hospitals in both the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region and Saskatoon Health Region are continuously being stretched to their limits and the Sask. Party is offering no solution in sight. 

Sask. Party uses their own mismanagement as excuse to break promises to auto injury victims

After committing in 2015 to help victims of auto injuries, the Sask. Party is now back tracking. It’s the Saskatchewan people who will pay the price with less access to the appropriate coverage they were promised.