Sask. Party still covering up facts about GTH Land Scandal

Even with a looming auditor’s investigation, calls for a judicial inquiry, a lawsuit, and the involvement of the RCMP, the Sask. Party is still doing all they can to hide the facts of the GTH Land Scandal.

REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party failed highway strategy: Paying more, paving less

Today, the results of the “CAA  Saskatchewan Worst Roads Campaign” were released. Over 4,000 votes were submitted over the three week campaign.

Though the poll ranks the most dangerous roads, it’s clear the only real winners are the private consultants and foreign companies who the Sask. Party have been paying more and more to, while they pave less and less.

Sask. Party must reverse their cuts and invest in wildfire prevention and management

With almost all of Saskatchewan already rated at either a “high” or “extreme” risk of wildfire, the NDP is calling on the Sask. Party government to reverse their cuts to wildfire management and restore funding to 2009/10 levels. 

Sask. Party failing students as cuts hit classrooms

Despite Brad Wall's attempts to blame the federal government, it is the Sask. Party who cut per student funding in growing school divisions and have left Saskatchewan students with less support.

“The Premier knows full well that the underfunding in Saskatchewan classrooms started with his cuts," said NDP Education Critic Carla Beck. "The strain on teachers and educational assistants and the diminishing support for Saskatchewan students were very real, before our province generously welcomed Syrian refugees."

In just 11 months, surgery waits triple as Sask. Party continues to cut

Since the Sask. Party cut the budget for surgeries last year, the number of people waiting over three months for surgery has grown by an alarming 174 per cent and those waiting more than six months for surgery has doubled.

Statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition in honour of the Day of Mourning

When a worker in Saskatchewan heads off to work - whether they're wearing a hard hat or scrubs, working outside, inside, on the road or underground - they should feel secure, knowing they will be able to go home at the end of the day.