Sask. Party turning their backs on foster children with complex needs

The government continues to force Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable to pay for Sask. Party mismanagement, scandal, and waste. Today in question period, New Democrats raised the concerns of adoptive parents of children with complex needs. In particular, these parents are calling on the Sask. Party to follow through on their commitment to support the programs their children need. 

Statement from Environment Critic Cathy Sproule in response to Husky pipeline report

In light of the report from Husky on its pipeline spill, we are reaffirming our call to move away from having companies police themselves when it comes to pipeline inspections. The spill showed how devastating an incident like that can be to the water that many families drink and use in everyday life, but it also showed what little work is being done by the Sask. Party government to make pipeline safety a priority. The government only conducted 78 pipeline inspections last year, while the government of Alberta conducted more than 2,000. That will have to change moving forward.  

Health care CBA bargained in bad faith by Sask. Party

In health care, the Sask. Party’s track record is one of mismanagement, cuts, clawbacks, and waste. A refusal to honour collectively bargained agreements is being added to the list. Despite being part of the collective bargaining agreement, the Minister of Health is now refusing to fund the Joint Job Evaluations (JJE) which ensures health care workers are paid for the skills they bring to the job.


Sask. Party mismanagement results in growing debt and deeper cuts

The Sask. Party’s mismanagement of Saskatchewan’s finances is continuing to become more apparent, as the Finance Minister revealed today that even with the Sask. Party openly breaking election promises, their deficit this year will likely balloon to over a billion dollars.

Reality Check: Talking points trump transparency on GTH land scandal

Although many questions still remain surrounding the GTH land scandal, it has become clear that talking points, not the truth, reign supreme on the Sask. Party benches. 

NDP calls for better healthcare services in Northern Saskatchewan

Today in Question period, the Saskatchewan NDP called out the Sask. Party for failing to adequately support healthcare services in the north.