NDP seeks answers on government contracts resulting from vendor-sponsored travel junkets

NDP Leader Ryan Meili wrote today to Health Minister Jim Reiter requesting that he provide a full public accounting of all cases where the health authority signed a contract following vendor-sponsored travel. The Provincial Auditor revealed in December that two out of the seven cases her office scrutinized had signed contracts after employees travelled at a vendor’s expense.

“These questionable practices cast into doubt the integrity of SHA contracts,” said Meili. “The people of Saskatchewan deserve some assurance that these contracts are in their best interest, not just in the interest of those paying for or receiving all-expenses-paid trips. It’s time for the daily parade of special deals for Sask. Party friends-and-family to come to an end.”

Statement from NDP Education Critic Carla Beck on the Curriculum Advisory Committee

“This is the second time this week we’ve seen Cabinet Ministers’ immediate family members get friends-and-family treatment from this government. Charting the future of education in this province is important work that should be kept far away from such blatantly political appointments. 

“For such a large committee, it’s also remarkable how much is missing. Chambers of Commerce are very well represented, but no one who currently works in a classroom. There’s no representation from the Saskatchewan Health Authority, the Human Rights Commission, or the Children’s Advocate. No LGBTQ organizations or anyone from the tech sector or many of the other growing sectors of our economy.

As ER crowding flares again, NDP calls for release of promised hallway medicine review

In response to fresh reports of extreme overcrowding, long wait times, and hallways crowded with patients at Regina's Pasqua Hospital, the Saskatchewan NDP is calling on the Sask. Party Health Minister to release the findings of the hallway medicine review he ordered in October, or if it’s yet to be completed, to provide an update on the work being done to address the issue.

"We know that overcrowding, long waits and hallway medicine are the reality in both Saskatoon and Regina, yet this government has been painfully slow to act," said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. "Now flu season is upon us, and our Emergency Rooms are bursting at the seams.”

Reality Check: Saskatchewan needs a deal for renters, not more Sask. Party inaction

When Social Services Minister Paul Merriman meets with Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Housing Adam Vaughan today, the Canada Housing Benefit should be at the top of the agenda.

Last month, the Government of Ontario signed onto a bilateral agreement worth $1.4 billion to implement the federal government’s Canada Housing Benefit.

NDP ask Conflict of Interest Commissioner to investigate questionable GTH land lease

The NDP is raising questions about a deal a cabinet minister’s family member got on office space at the Global Transportation Hub

“Every decision the Sask Party makes at the GTH loses us money,” said NDP GTH Critic Cathy Sproule. “This latest deal needs to be properly investigated now that Colliers has assumed responsibility. We need to know how this company was identified as a possibility to lease the space, and who approved cutting the cost for the space by thirty percent.”

Sask NDP calls for government-wide digital security review and improved IT practices after eHealth breach

In the wake of recent cyberattacks against eHealth and LifeLabs, the Saskatchewan NDP is calling for a government-wide security review of Ministry and Agency sites and databases to address emerging security threats that put Saskatchewan people’s financial and health information at risk.

“What we saw in this latest breach was the predictable result of a longstanding failure to keep up with emerging threats to Saskatchewan people’s most sensitive information,” said NDP Health Critic Vicki Mowat. “There’s no ribbon cutting on making sure people’s information is secure, no big political win, so this government simply hasn’t made the data security of Saskatchewan people a priority. That needs to change.”