NDP calls for Sask First model for procurement

Today in Question Period, the NDP called on the government to implement a Sask. First procurement and brought to light issues with the province’s infrastructure.  

“Whether it comes to procurement, building or maintenance, the Sask. Party’s approach to our education and health infrastructure has only let Saskatchewan people down,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “This government has sunk billions of public dollars into projects like the Regina Bypass and left other projects like the Saskatchewan Hospital in North Battleford falling apart before they even open. Both of these projects were built by out-of-province companies and both shut out Saskatchewan workers.”

NDP demand accountability on flooded and failing Regina housing market

The NDP are pushing for answers on the Sask. Party’s strategy of flooding the market with houses and condominiums while failing to develop the affordable units that would address housing insecurity.

“The Sask. Party squandered the boom by giving money to developers to build market-value properties instead of building much-needed affordable units,” said NDP Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon. “That failed housing strategy has done nothing but let Saskatchewan families down.”

Meili calls for update on coronavirus preparedness

NDP Leader Ryan Meili is proposing the government release regular updates on the status of coronavirus preparedness measures in Saskatchewan to ensure public safety.

“Saskatchewan people are rightly concerned about the global spread of COVID-19,” Meili said. “The virus has taken lives and has already hurt important sectors like the canola industry – this government should be doing everything it can to put the health of Saskatchewan people first and ensure our health system and our economy can weather the storm.”

NDP to focus on healthcare, education and Sask. Party failures on the economy in spring session

With economic warning signs flashing as the spring session gets underway, the Saskatchewan NDP Caucus will continue to focus on healthcare and education, and on getting the economy going by hiring local workers and raising the minimum wage.

“Saskatchewan is a great place to live, but people are feeling stretched,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “Costs are rising faster than wages, services like healthcare and education keep getting cut, and Scott Moe and the Sask. Party just point fingers instead of getting things done.”

Lowest wage growth in Canada: Meili slams Moe’s record, calls for a raise for low-wage workers

NDP Leader Ryan Meili slammed Premier Moe’s record as Saskatchewan has seen the lowest wage growth in the country over the past two years, failing to keep up with the rising cost of living. 

“Life in Saskatchewan is getting harder under this Premier,” said Meili. “People’s earnings aren’t keeping up with the rising cost of living because the Sask. Party is more focused on looking out for their friends than helping regular folks make ends meet.“

NDP pushes for consultations on Wascana development, moves to reset the process

Today in the Public Accounts Committee, Sask. Party MLAs voted down an NDP recommendation to reject the proposed Brandt build in Wascana Park. 

“The Auditor made very clear that the process hasn’t been followed for this project, and meaningful public consultations are needed before it should go ahead,” said NDP MLA and PAC member Vicki Mowat. “Once again, the Sask. Party is using its majority to force through an unpopular project that benefits one of their biggest donors — just like they did to shut down our questions about what went down at the GTH. This project simply should not go ahead as presented.”