Reality Check: More money, more problems for Regina Bypass

The most expensive stretch of flat road in Canadian history was completed today.

But before the Sask. Party pops the bubbly, it's worth reminding people of the scandal-plagued, flawed process that left us holding the bag for an almost $2 billion stretch of road:

NDP presses Sask. Party for details of secret SaskTel sell-off scheme

The Saskatchewan NDP is calling on the Sask. Party government to fully comply with the recent ruling of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and finally release all the details of their secret SaskTel sell-off scheme. 

Today the Speaker also ruled on a question of privilege submitted by Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon asking the Speaker to determine whether House Leader Jeremy Harrison misled the House when he said, “what I can reiterate, Mr. Speaker, is that there have been no formal discussions as to what a transaction may or may not look like, and there have been no formal offers.”

Sask. Party shuts down emergency debate on the crisis in Saskatchewan classrooms

Amid reports today that students in Saskatchewan face more violence than anywhere else in the country, Sask. Party MLAs voted down a motion from Education Critic Carla Beck to hold an emergency debate on the crisis in Saskatchewan classrooms.

‘What has Moe done for us lately?’: Throne Speech letting people down

Education and healthcare neglected in Throne Speech, NDP says

Today’s Throne Speech shows that Scott Moe is again letting people down by failing to address the crisis in Saskatchewan classrooms and emergency rooms. The speech relies heavily on pointing to increased investment since 2007, while ignoring recent cuts and failures.

“Parents expect a government that has a plan to deal with their child’s overcrowded classroom,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “Families worry that they’ll be facing long wait times and hallway medicine in our hospitals. This Throne Speech makes it clear that Scott Moe doesn’t care about the significant challenges we’re seeing in his two largest areas of responsibility: health care and education.”

Meili statement on federal election, Premier Moe’s letter

A leader has a duty to unite. Scott Moe’s letter to the Prime Minister this morning does the opposite.

A leader doesn’t just get angry and point fingers. A leader does the work to find solutions to the challenges we are facing.

And the challenges Saskatchewan faces are not insignificant. 

Reality Check: Sask. Party record on education committees

Yesterday, the Sask. Party government proposed a new committee to examine the issue of class sizes, as teachers face increasingly large classes.

The Sask. Party has had a few education committees, but they haven’t produced results.