Lowest wage growth in Canada: Meili slams Moe’s record, calls for a raise for low-wage workers

NDP Leader Ryan Meili slammed Premier Moe’s record as Saskatchewan has seen the lowest wage growth in the country over the past two years, failing to keep up with the rising cost of living. 

“Life in Saskatchewan is getting harder under this Premier,” said Meili. “People’s earnings aren’t keeping up with the rising cost of living because the Sask. Party is more focused on looking out for their friends than helping regular folks make ends meet.“

NDP pushes for consultations on Wascana development, moves to reset the process

Today in the Public Accounts Committee, Sask. Party MLAs voted down an NDP recommendation to reject the proposed Brandt build in Wascana Park. 

“The Auditor made very clear that the process hasn’t been followed for this project, and meaningful public consultations are needed before it should go ahead,” said NDP MLA and PAC member Vicki Mowat. “Once again, the Sask. Party is using its majority to force through an unpopular project that benefits one of their biggest donors — just like they did to shut down our questions about what went down at the GTH. This project simply should not go ahead as presented.”

NDP calls for new parking facility at Regina General Hospital to address safety and access

NDP Health Critic Vicki Mowat and Deputy Leader and MLA for Regina Douglas Park Nicole Sarauer are calling on the government to commit to building a new parking facility at Regina General Hospital to improve access for both staff and families.

Education Minister’s 2019 expenses show public picking up the tab for meetings with Sask. Party insiders: NDP

The Education Minister’s 2019 expenses, released to the NDP through FOI, show several instances of the Minister meeting with Sask. Party insiders and charging the bill to the Ministry of Education. The Premier and several other Ministers are charging $4,000 for the release of their expenses.

Statement from Ethics and Democracy Critic David Forbes regarding investigations into irregularities in Pinehouse:

“The information released today on the Village of Pinehouse raises far more questions than it answers. Robertson’s inspection and Vancise’s inquiry come to drastically different conclusions. The Sask. Party government must not be allowed to sweep further examination of this issue under the rug.

“Today we’re calling on the Minister of Government Relations to act immediately on the five recommendations from the September 2019 inspection. In particular, a full forensic compliance review of expenses is essential, including for previous years. Of the expenses examined, only eight per cent were found to be fully compliant with the law.

NDP calls for procurement policy that puts Saskatchewan people first

Today NDP Leader Ryan Meili was in Moose Jaw to raise concerns about the Sask. Party’s flawed procurement process, which risks leaving Saskatchewan workers out in the cold once again when it comes to large projects such as the SaskPower natural gas plant in Moose Jaw. SaskPower announced last week that two US-based companies have been selected to compete for the bid.

“Whether it’s the Regina Bypass or Chinook Power Station, the Sask. Party’s track record has been to favour large, out-of-province companies at the expense of Saskatchewan workers,” Meili said. “By not putting Saskatchewan workers first, the Sask. Party is failing to build and maintain a healthy economy in the province.”