Wall signals property tax increase

Where has all the money gone?

After blowing through more than $75 billion as a government, Brad Wall says he may have to jack up property taxes.

"This government didn't save a dime over a decade of resource wealth. Now, a short-term dip in oil prices has them scrambling to find more money," said Deputy Leader Trent Wotherspoon. "Wall threatened to cut the share municipalities get, which hurts property tax payers, and now he's threatened another hit to families with a property tax increase. It's unacceptable."

Wall made the comments at the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities conference on Wednesday morning. Previously, Wall stated told municipalities he may not forward their share of the province’s PST revenue as promised.

Wotherspoon said that the government has racked up debt, and failed to invest in things like infrastructure during the decade-long hot resource economy.

"People are rightfully asking where all the money has gone," said Wotherspoon. "They hear about hundreds of millions being blown on dangerous and botched smart meters, the John Black Lean debacle, a 228 per cent increase in spending on private consultants and a series of vanity projects from throwing parties in Hollywood to spending years planning a premier's library.

“Now, they're being told the cupboards are bare and already-stretched families will have to kick in the difference. That's just wrong."

Wotherspoon noted that with only a week until budget day, Wall knows now what the government will do to property taxes and the municipal revenue deal, and should come clean rather than simply fear-mongering.

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