Voters, taxpayers need finances revealed now

The Sask. Party refuses to get back into the legislature to face tough questions, but the NDP isn't giving up the fight for a full budget update released with enough time for the auditor and legislature to examine it before the election.

"Brad Wall doesn’t want Saskatchewan people to know the truth about the state of the finances, the cuts he’s making and the deals he’s signing," said NDP deputy leader Trent Wotherspoon. "He rode the wave in good times, and we can't trust him to put families and our priorities first in tight times. That means people are anxious that even deeper cuts in health care and education will come after the election. And they're getting angry that the Sask. Party continues to waste so much money on the Lean program, the entitlements like Mr. Wall's travel scouts, and massive increases in the use of private consultants."

Wotherspoon said Wall must answer the following questions:

  • How deep is the Sask. Party's deficit? How deep will it be next year?
  • What has the Sask. Party already cut through mid-year budget changes?
  • What would they cut in their next budget if they're re-elected?

"We had a decade of record resource wealth, but the Sask. Party blew through all that money, drained the rainy day fund, didn't save a dime, drove the debt back up to more than $13 billion, and threw us back into a massive deficit," said Wotherspoon.

"If they had a decent budget plan, they'd release it. The fact that they're hiding it is bad news for families."

Wotherspoon demanded a full, detailed budget update for the 2015-16 budget, tabled immediately, sent to the Provincial Auditor for examination and to a legislative committee for full scrutiny of the details. He also called for Sask. Party's proposed 2016-17 budget to be released now. The budget is usually released in March – but the Sask. Party has said they’re keeping it secret until after the election.

"When Mr. Wall says he knows he'll run two years of deficits, it's clear that he knows what wasteful spending he'd continue, what services he'd cut after the election, and what he will sell-off and privatize. That money belongs to all of us, so hiding facts and their plans is just plain wrong."