Surgeries cancelled while government sits on infrastructure problems report

NDP health critic Danielle Chartier said cancelling surgeries at Royal University Hospital (RUH) may not have been necessary if the government weren’t ignoring $1.9 billion in infrastructure problems at hospitals and health facilities.

“This government has a report that describes $1.9 billion in necessary repairs and replacements in our health facilities,” said Chartier. “The government continues to put all faith, time and money into its Lean pet project while ignoring the basics, and buildings like RUH are literally crumbling.

“The time is overdue for this government to start taking its infrastructure problem seriously.”

Surgeries at RUH have been cancelled as of Tuesday because of an electrical system failure.

In May, the government confirmed under questioning by Chartier that a report from consulting firm VFA is being kept under wraps, and describes $1.9 billion in necessary repairs. The report includes, specifically, electrical and air systems that were inspected and found to need repair or replacement.

“The life, health and well-being of a person is affected by a cancelled surgery – it’s never something to be taken lightly,” said Chartier. “Rather than making excuses, Saskatchewan families want to see the government take action to put health care first.”


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