Statement from NDP Leader Cam Broten on the Auditor General’s Senate investigation findings

It's time for leadership and action from the provinces and from the federal government to scrap the money-wasting, do-nothing Senate.

Saskatchewan’s common sense people are sick of seeing public money wasted on unaccountable senators. Now, we're hearing about even more misspending, with Canada’s Auditor General flagging inappropriate expenses of 30 more senators and recommending that nine more be referred to the RCMP.  Saskatchewan has six senators, and in addition to Senator Pamela Wallin, three more including two sitting senators have had their expenses flagged as inappropriate.

I want the federal House of Commons to defund the Senate now, and I want the federal government to work with the provinces to get to work securing the mandate to scrap this rotten relic. I’m proud of the long-standing New Democrat position to do just that.

I do not support Brad Wall’s claim that “it’s not worth the effort” to try to change the minds of any other province that still supports the senate. Yes, it is. It’s worth over $100 million every year.