Smart meter money “won’t be recoverable” says SaskPower

Under questioning from the NDP, SaskPower’s Chief Financial Officer revealed Monday night that if the government doesn’t install Sensus smart meters on Saskatchewan homes again, it will lose $18 million of Saskatchewan families’ money.

“The deeper we dig on the smart meter settlement this government came to with Sensus, the more it appears to be a horrible deal for Saskatchewan people,” said Cathy Sproule, NDP critic for SaskPower.

“Sensus caused fires on Saskatchewan homes, and put over 100,000 families and homes at risk, But, this government has given them a gift of $5 million, and now another $18 million that is, according to SaskPower’s Chief Financial Officer, not going to be recovered.”

Premier Brad Wall and SaskPower Minister Bill Boyd have repeatedly stated publicly that Saskatchewan ratepayers wouldn’t be paying for the smart meter fiasco that saw 359 meter failures, 18 overheated meters and at least 9 fires on Saskatchewan homes. They claimed the $18 million would be repaid in cash if SaskPower decided not to use Sensus in the future.

According to SaskPower, that’s not true.

In Monday night’s Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies, Sproule questioned SaskPower’s Chief Financial Officer. If Saskatchewan doesn’t re-install Sensus smart meters, is the money recoverable?

“Then it won’t be recoverable,” said Sandeep Kalra, SaskPower’s Vice-President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer.

The NDP is demanding to see the settlement deal the government agreed to on the smart meter fiasco; it’s demanding all money that belongs to Saskatchewan ratepayers and taxpayers be recouped; and demanding the smart meter minister, Boyd, resign – both for his incompetence on the smart meter file, and repeated dishonesty.

Previously, Boyd had promised he wasn’t aware of the dangers of Sensus smart meters – but the NDP showed through a cabinet briefing note recovered that the minister was briefed on the dangers in August 2012 and sent a delegation to Philadelphia, where Sensus smart meters were also lighting on fire, to investigate. Despite this knowledge, Boyd and the government continued with the $200 million smart meter program.

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