SGI rate increase another wake-up call on affordability for families

Saskatchewan families continue to do their part to make Saskatchewan’s economy boom, but the government continues to go back to families to pay more for basic services – including another 5.2 per cent for vehicle insurance, requested by SGI today.

“This year, Saskatchewan families will have to dig deeper into their bank accounts to pay higher bills every month for SaskTel internet, SaskPower, SaskEnergy, SGI and possibly provincial education taxes,” said Doyle Vermette, critic for SGI. “Saskatchewan now charges the second-highest university tuition in the nation; and all this is on top of the rising cost of living in the province.”

The latest plan to increase drivers’ monthly bills by adding more than 5 per cent, on average, to their SGI insurance should be a wake-up call to the government to start taking seriously the need to consider how the cost of living affects Saskatchewan families.

“Hard-working middle class families now have to make tough decisions in a booming economy, and that’s just not right,” said Vermette. “Whether it’s deciding between paying your child’s hockey fees or paying off the credit card, or how to balance paying all your bills – those are decisions families shouldn’t have to make in a booming economy.

 “Cam Broten often says that politics shouldn’t be just about the province doing well, it should be about people doing well – I think this government needs to consider the cost of living for the Saskatchewan families that keep the economy running.

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Erin Morrison, NDP caucus