Sask. Party’s dismissive attitude unacceptable

Cam Broten and the NDP MLAs ended this week in the Legislature by calling on the Sask. Party government to stop dismissing the concerns of real people.

"The Sask. Party is putting politics ahead of people," said Broten. "A flood of people have been willing to speak out – especially on the unacceptable state of seniors care in Saskatchewan – and the Sask. Party has stubbornly dug in their heels and refused to acknowledge the real concerns of people right in front of them."

Lynne Seaborne and Carrie Klassen bravely spoke out on the conditions in seniors care facilities. Both women and a growing chorus of Saskatchewan families said that mandating a minimum staffing level in seniors care homes could help put a stop to call buttons ringing unanswered while residents are left on toilets for hours and miss meals when there aren’t enough staff to feed them. Both women were dismissed by the Sask. Party, which says it is not interested in mandating a maximum numbers of residents for each staffer.

  • The Sask. Party has brushed aside a number of serious concerns, refusing to listen or take action when the NDP and Saskatchewan people raise them, including:
  • A report from St. Paul’s Hospital which shows on a single day alone the hospital was 47 patients overcapacity;
  • Multiple families who say they’re waiting for services for intellectually disabled family members, despite the Sask. Party’s claims that no one is on a waiting list;
  • The story of Barbara Blyth, a senior with cancer and a broken foot who was sent to a women’s shelter because there was no space in the hospital or a seniors care facility; and
  • The plight of Michael Lilley and hundreds of others who need home care to keep them out of the hospital or long-term care facilities. Lilley and the others had their home care services cut off and were sent a letter telling them to check “the yellow-pages” for help.

Among the concerns being brushed aside by the Sask. Party are those of the independent provincial auditor, who released a special report this week showing the Sask. Party is keeping two sets of books in order to mislead the public on the state of the provincial finances.

"The Sask. Party is stubborn and is refusing to admit mistakes," said Broten. "I think people want their elected representatives to listen and to prioritize doing the right thing for people ahead of the slick press conferences and photo ops."

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