Province raises water prices

The province is raising the rates for water by 15 per cent over the next 15 months for a number of cities and towns – yet another hit to cost of living that Saskatchewan families don’t need, according to the NDP.

“This government is asking Saskatchewan families to pay extra far too often,” said Buckley Belanger, NDP critic for SaskWater. “This government has raised the price of our power, gas, SGI, SaskTel internet and now another increase to water. Plus, the Sask. Party seems to expect that we can all find the money for private seniors care or home care, and private tutoring for our kids that are jammed into crowded classroom with no one-on-one help anymore.  

“For a lot of families, they’re not benefitting much from a decade of a strong economy – but they’re paying a lot more.”

Belanger said it’s particularly problematic that cities and towns will be forced to choose to absorb the increase in water price themselves, or pass it on to families. Brad Wall has already threatened to break the municipal revenue-sharing deal that cities and towns count on, which would mean higher property taxes or cuts to municipal services.

Belanger said it’s especially frustrating that the government says the increases are necessary to repair infrastructure that hasn’t had attention lately.

“We’ve had a decade of prosperity in Saskatchewan. Where did all that money go?” Belanger asked. “We see the government spending record amounts of money – but not on the things that matter to families.”

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