No eliminating nurses: NDP wants deal extended

The NDP opposes the government ending its short-term deal with the nurses union that was put in place to stop the government from eliminating nursing jobs and risking patient safety.

The November deal is set to end Friday. The NDP opposes eliminating nurses during the short-staffing crisis in the health care system.

“Anyone who has been a patient or taken a loved one to the hospital lately knows there are short-staffing problems – from shift-to-shift – cleaning staff, nurses and doctors aren’t at the right levels,” said Danielle Chartier, NDP health care critic. “Patients, families and health care workers report problems, including patient safety concerns, because nurses are stretched too thin.”

The government signed the agreement with the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses to “pause registered nurse position abolishment until January 31, 2014.” Chartier said the government should stop cutting nursing positions and put together a long-term plan to serve a larger population.

“This government is short-sighted when it comes to health care,” Chartier said. “Saskatchewan families deserve a long-term plan to provide more and better care in a growing province. Instead, health care in Saskatchewan is getting worse under this government, and it has to stop.”

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Erin Morrison, NDP caucus