Reality Check: What if the Sask. Party took their own advice?

NDP tweaks Sask. Party video to help Wall see the light on Sask. Party secrecy

As part of what seems to be a mission to prove that neither hypocrisy nor irony are dead, the Sask. Party recently published a video with Brad Wall calling on the federal government to be more transparent.

He was talking about carbon pricing and we, of course, agree that we need to stop Ottawa from forcing their carbon price scheme on Saskatchewan.

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Reality Check: ‘Alternative facts’ trump reality for Moose Jaw North MLA

Hearing that the Sask. Party is bending the truth is nothing new but, this week, Moose Jaw North MLA Warren Michelson took things to a new level and presented what the President of the United States might call, ‘alternative facts.’ 

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Sask. Party puts chill on public feedback on education review

School division leaders are concerned that Sask. Party actions caused the school board amalgamation feedback process to not be representative of everyone’s views.

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Oil Spill and Keystone approval highlight Sask. Party pipeline failures

The Saskatchewan NDP welcomes the Presidential approval of the Keystone Pipeline. The announcement comes just a day after it was revealed the Sask. Party, once again, kept the public in the dark about another oil spill. These two events underscore the Sask. Party’s failures and total mismanagement of pipelines and highlights the consequences of that failure on both the economy and the environment. 

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Sask. Party cuts making overcapacity worse at Saskatoon hospitals

With no support from the Sask. Party, overcapacity continues to be an issue for patients and frontline health care workers in the Saskatoon area.

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Reality Check: Wall now the only Premier still pocketing a partisan bonus

When it comes to Canadian political party leaders getting a big bonus from their deep-pocketed partisan donors, Brad Wall now stands alone.

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