Saskatchewan average weekly wages drop

Wages in Saskatchewan are heading in the wrong direction, with an average 1 per cent drop in weekly earnings in just one month – more than double Alberta’s drop.

Between October and November 2015, the average hourly wage, including overtime, in Saskatchewan dropped 1.1 per cent. Adding in slowing wages over the previous year, the annual drop is 1.2 per cent. By comparison, between October and November, Alberta’s average hourly wage dropped 0.5 per cent.


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Hospital designed by John Black Lean having Lean problems

Lean waiting room, Lean staffing levels causing problems in Moose Jaw

The hospital in Moose Jaw was designed around the John Black Lean method – and after a few months of operation, it’s obvious Lean is causing big problems. 

“I’m hearing time and again that Lean made a mess of the Moose Jaw hospital,” said NDP Health critic Danielle Charter. “With the Lean program in charge, the staff is run off their feet, and the hospital is dirty. The Lean design has left patients uncomfortable with the lack of waiting areas and lack of privacy. We need to make some changes to focus on front-line staff, and use this space better.”

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Statement from Buckley Belanger, MLA for Athabasca

The tightly-knight community of La Loche is devastated today. The unimaginable horror and sorrow will leave a deep, lasting mark on the families of the victims, the teachers and children of the La Loche Community School and the entire community.

My prayers are with the victims, their families and friends, and all those who feel the trauma of this tragedy. My thanks to the brave teachers and staff at the school, to the RCMP and to the first responders. It’s now a time to pull together and support each other through this difficult time. Healing is a long journey, but we are strong.

Statement from Cam Broten, Leader of Saskatchewan’s official Opposition

Ruth and I are deeply saddened and shocked by the events at the La Loche Community School. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and friends, and the entire community and region. As parents, we send our kids off to school, we part for the workday, and we expect to all come home, together again, safe and loved. It's devastating to know that some Saskatchewan families won’t be coming home to each other tonight.

We’ll hug our daughters tighter tonight, as I’m sure many Canadians will.

The people of La Loche – and Northern Saskatchewan – are incredibly resilient, but they'll need our support and in the days, weeks and months ahead we will be there for them.

Open the books and stop the deception: NDP to Sask. Party

NDP says another misleading un-audited statement is unacceptable, calls for Jan. 31 deadline

The NDP is demanding that the Sask. Party table a full financial report by the end of the month, allowing an audit by the independent Provincial Auditor so voters can deal with reality heading into an election.

The Sask. Party is running a deficit of hundreds of millions of dollars. They are refusing to put out a budget, and say they’ll withhold a financial update – at least until it’s too late for the auditor to verify it.

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