Government must fix bedbugs in seniors housing

Heritage Towers, a Saskatchewan Housing Authority seniors home in Swift Current, has a beg bug infestation and residents say the government is ignoring the problem.

Hilda Wiese, an 84-year-old resident of the towers, is one of the seniors who had to leave her home because of the infestation. She describes minimal effort in dealing with the problem – including treating only the rooms of seniors who complained – excluding other seniors’ rooms, common areas and hallways.

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Seniors care home report, action both overdue

NDP Leader Cam Broten said the government must release an overdue report on the conditions in seniors care homes and move on to concrete action to address the serious problems hurting seniors care.

The report was promised by the government as a conclusion to CEO tours that ended a month ago. Health region CEOs planned to tour care homes in response to calls from families and the Opposition to address deep concerns in seniors care facilities.

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NDP wants commitment before premiers’ meeting

NDP Leader Cam Broten is calling on the premier to commit to a provincial resolution to abolish the Senate and urge the other provinces to do the same while meeting with Canada’s premiers this week.

"The NDP has long wanted to abolish the Senate and roll up the red carpet. I am pleased that the premier has come to our position on this, but the Opposition is concerned that his walk doesn't appear to match his talk,” said Broten. “We want him to go to the first ministers' meeting and show that Saskatchewan means business, rather than waffling on this issue. Saskatchewan can and should be a leader in working to abolish the unelected, unaccountable and expensive Senate.”

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NDP calls for minimum wage regulations

The NDP is calling on the Sask. Party government to put minimum wage indexing in writing and on a timeline.

After calls from the Opposition, the Sask. Party promised in the spring to index the minimum wage to inflation. The change can’t take place until the Minimum Wage Regulations are amended – a change the labour minister said more than two months ago was already overdue.

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Sask. Party spending the savings, selling the assets

The Sask. Party government’s year-end financial report shows a government scrambling – it drained millions from the province’s rainy day fund, increased the debt, raided the Crowns and forced even more debt onto universities.

“Saskatchewan businesses keep delivering on a strong economy, but the Sask. Party has been struggling, shuffling money between bank accounts in order to manufacture numbers and using improper reporting,” said Trent Wotherspoon, NDP finance critic. “Selling off assets like a Crown corporation and affordable homes, draining the long-term savings account and still managing to increase the debt are things that deeply concern the Opposition, and they’re inexcusable in a strong economy.”

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