NDP hopes government’s second look at P3 schools will lead to better plan

After months of dismissing concerns, the government has apparently quietly informed school divisions it is taking a second look at its P3-schools plan due to growing concern that it is not the most cost-effective or prudent approach to building and operating schools.

"This government has been stubbornly plowing ahead with its P3-school agenda, and it has even criticized the Opposition for raising very legitimate concerns about this plan," said Trent Wotherspoon, NDP Deputy Leader and Education Critic. "So we're pleased to see that this government appears to finally be taking a second look at its misguided scheme for P3 schools."

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NDP demands action on grain-transportation crisis

NDP puts forward solutions, including enabling joint running rights

With far too much of Saskatchewan’s bumper crop still sitting in bins and producers taking the hit due to the grain-transportation crisis, Saskatchewan's NDP is demanding action from the provincial and federal governments, including enabling joint running rights for rail, also known as open access.

“We've heard from producers all over the province who are incredibly frustrated that they can't get their crop to market," NDP Deputy Leader Trent Wotherspoon said. "They have done their part this year to produce an incredible crop and we know they'll keep doing their part by producing big crops in the future. Now, we just need the government to hold up its end of the bargain and take meaningful steps to solve the transportation problem. The current crisis and inaction is costing producers real and significant money."

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Government misses the mark: waits for surgeries still too long

Saskatchewan patients continue to wait too long for surgery as the government is failing to meet surgical wait time targets, thanks to short-sighted cuts and mismanagement.

The wait-time goal set in 2010 to be complete in 2014 will not be met in Saskatchewan’s two largest health regions, Regina Qu’Appelle and Saskatoon, where the most surgeries are performed.

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NDP wants dangerous truck traffic rerouted from Dewdney Avenue

When the provincial government amalgamated heavy haul traffic into the Global Transportation Hub (GTH), it failed to put a plan in place to route vehicles away from residential areas – now Regina families and the NDP are calling for a common sense solution before it’s too late.

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Government must start taking health privacy seriously

With the release of another privacy commissioner report today, NDP health critic Danielle Chartier is asking the government to start taking the commissioner’s recommendations, and people’s private health information, seriously.

“In 2010, the independent privacy commissioner made a number of recommendations after revealing that people’s private health information just wasn’t secure in Saskatchewan,” said Chartier. “Four years later, this government hasn’t taken action and we have even more cases of breached privacy, another report and more recommendations. This has got to stop.”

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