Sask. Party takes small step to support domestic violence survivors: NDP

Yesterday, the Sask. Party missed an opportunity to fully implement changes that are being called for by survivors of domestic violence, labour leaders, the Saskatchewan NDP, and people across Saskatchewan. 

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5,100 jobs lost with Sask. Party still planning to cut more

Between February and March, 5,100 jobs were lost in Saskatchewan, and more families are facing a tough reality with deep cuts, tax hikes, and more job loss looming in the Sask. Party’s budget.

“The Sask. Party's spin provides no comfort to the 5,100 more families who have lost a job this month," said NDP Jobs Critic Warren McCall. “And that spin provides no comfort to the people who work for STC or in our libraries and our classrooms, and on the frontline of health care and seniors care who know they are the target of the Sask. Party cuts. It’s especially concerning considering we’ve been hearing about job losses coming as a result of the Sask. Party’s cuts to education, libraries, and the STC in their budget.”

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NDP continues to tour province, fighting to stop Sask. Party cuts

The NDP Caucus team was on the road Friday, travelling from Regina to Moose Jaw by STC to discuss and listen to the many concerns that Saskatchewan people have about the Sask. Party’s billion-dollar tax hike, and deep cuts.

“People all across the province are being hurt and have real concerns about the Sask. Party’s deep cuts and tax hikes,” said NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon. “It’s clear the Sask. Party MLAs and cabinet have forgotten who they work for. The people we’re talking to are angry that the government is making them pay for the Sask. Party’s mismanagement, scandal and waste.”

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NDP MLAs join Saskatchewan people fighting to stop Sask. Party cuts

Today, NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon lead several members of the NDP Caucus out across Saskatchewan to meet with families, students, community leaders, and business owners to discuss the consequences of the Sask. Party’s broken promises, callous cuts, and billion-dollar tax hikes. 

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Sask. Party rams through budget of deep cuts and tax hikes

With the passing of its budget, full of broken promises, callous cuts, tax giveaways for corporations and the wealthy and well connected, and a billion dollars in tax hikes for Saskatchewan families, the Sask. Party have shown they have forgotten for whom they are supposed to be working.


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What they’re saying about the budget…again

It has been nearly a week since the Sask. Party introduced their budget that hiked taxes on Saskatchewan families and small businesses while handing over millions in tax giveaways to large corporations and the province’s wealthy and well-connected.

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